Monetize Your Blog, Step One – Drive Traffic With Article Marketing


O.K. you have a blog up & running. You are outfitting it with utensils that make it easier for readers to get involved in your discussions. At this point, all you want is the audience. Here are a few hints to drive traffic to your blog using articles.

The prime portion of blogging is writing. In short, it is an online journal, but blogging has grown from merely writing your thoughts, to informing the community about diverse subjects that you are interested in. Each one of your posts is an up-to-the-minute article for people to peruse and take in. But, who is going to see all of those amazing posts if you don’t possess any traffic above and beyond your cousin Joe and your Auntie Jean article rewriter?

Article Marketing

One tactic to get the traffic you want is by having your name out in the open. Article marketing is the method of submitting articles to directories wherever people can discover you. They might even decide to post some of your work on their sites.

There are numerous benefits to article marketing:

Foster trustworthiness and visibility
Develop your stamp
Swell traffic to your blog (the foundation of this article)
Advertising for your products
Draw on your expertise to let readers recognize what you know & how you can do it for them. Each article marketing site is unique in their submission guidelines, so study them all carefully. Getting published on some of the more trendy sites (,, and others) is like “on the spot” authority with the audience.
So, what will you submit? If your blog has been up for a while, you are able put forward archived posts. By changing the titles to be even more eye catching, you can use this line of attack, even if no one previously saw your posts on your blog, they now get a another chance and so do you.

Think about rewriting your posts, as rewriting turns one piece into quite a few. By tweaking what you have previously written, you can craft two fresh articles from that one. Both can be submitted to a different article directory.

Whilst you are prepping your articles for submission, don’t forget about optimizing your subject matter for the search engines. Using keywords in your articles that search engines will latch on to, will increase your page rankings for those words.

In view of the fact that you are writing anyway, create some articles to promote in other places. Each of those articles can be rewritten to generate additional articles to use as a marketing tool to drive even more traffic to your blog.

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